Ginger · HERBAL

8 health benefits of ginger


Scientific name– Zingiber officials

  • Parts used-Dried rhizomes and root.

Ginger is a great herb.It is very widely used all over the world.

It’s uses:

1. Ginger is widely used when a warming agent is required.

2.It is very beneficial for gastrointestinal system due to Its calming effect.

3.It is a good expectorant

4. Ideal herb for bronchial infections and cough and cold.

5.Very effective in indigestion and nausea due to Its digestive properties.

6. Effective in motion and morning sickness.

7. Lower the cholesterol and blood pressure.

8.It eliminates the extra mucus in sinus area.

How to use:

1. As a tea.

2. As a tincture.

How to make tincture

-Herbal tinctures are  made by distilling herbs in alcohol vinegar aur glycerine.

Alcohol tincture-

  • Tincture using alcohol can be made by using three to four parts of pure grain alcohol.
  •  Mix it with equal parts of distilled water.
  • Now place the mixture in a glass container.
  • let the mixture in container for 30 days in a darkened area. 
  • Shake the mixture everyday. Put the mixture in the sun for at least four hours on the last day.

Now the tincture is ready.

Squeeze the mixture into a pure liquid.

It is also available in the form of capsules and tablets  and dry powder.


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