plant based

Why plant -based diet is beneficial?

First of all wish you a very happy healthy and disease free new year. As we all know that diet is a major factor which plays an important role in maintaining good health. The root cause of all diseases is the imbalance of pH i.e. the ratio of acid and alkali. Our diet must contain 80% plant-based  diet( Fruit and Vegetables). The body of the people who take high protein diet, dairy products, meat and oily food becomes more acidic. If this type of diet is continued for a long time then the adrenal gland gets weakened and large amount of fat( cholesterol) will be produced in liver. This leads to the formation of gallbladder stones and blockage of arteries, obesity. Due to the improper functioning of adrenal gland a person becomes more prone to the diseases like low BP, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and cardiac problems. So it is really very add plant-based food in your diet. Several advantages of plant-based diet are:-

1.lowers the risk of heart disease

2.Helps in looking excessive body weight

3.Has anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties.

4.High in energy

5. Rich in fibres, nutrition and minerals.

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