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Echinacea- the immune herb

Scientific name- Echinacea angustifolia Parts used- Roots and rhizomes Echinacea herb is a north american origin. It is a very beneficial herb.Some of its benefits are: 1. It improves immune system 2. Improves the tissue function. 3. Helps in blood purification hence useful in psoriasis , eczema and boils. 4. It is used for rheumatic… Continue reading Echinacea- the immune herb

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8 health benefits of ginger

Scientific name- Zingiber officials Parts used-Dried rhizomes and root. Ginger is a great herb.It is very widely used all over the world. It's uses: 1. Ginger is widely used when a warming agent is required. 2.It is very beneficial for gastrointestinal system due to Its calming effect. 3.It is a good expectorant 4. Ideal herb for… Continue reading 8 health benefits of ginger

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Tomato salad recipe to kill worms in humans

  J Worms are the common parasites found in human body which creates major problems in humans. They releases toxins which are poisonous substances.Worms can grow in most of the body parts but mainly found in stomach , GI tract , liver and  intestine. Common worms that occur in human body are tapeworm, roundworm, pin… Continue reading Tomato salad recipe to kill worms in humans

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Best herbal mixture to loose weight

To keep our body fit and slim is extremely important now a days. A fit and healthy person is a happy one. OBESITY (excessive body weight/fat) is a key problem among the people today. obesity spoils the texture of our body and totally ruins our personality.One  can get rid of this problem by doing some… Continue reading Best herbal mixture to loose weight


BAEL(AEGLE MARMELOS)- A Spritual plant in India

Today is mahashivratri, a festival related to lord Shiva and is celebrated by Hindus in India.On this day Shiva devotees observe fast and offer bael leaves  also called bael patra on Shiva linga for worship as it is a belief that all the wishes of people gets fulfilled. According to skand purana(indian manuscript) the origin… Continue reading BAEL(AEGLE MARMELOS)- A Spritual plant in India

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Remedial benefits of Carrot

The carrot name comes from a greek word "karoton".Carrot is a root vegetable , usually orange in colour. Purple, black ,red,white, and yellow colours also exists.  It  is cultivated for its leaves and roots. The most edible part is its tap-root. In india , carrots are used in variety of ways such  as salads, juice… Continue reading Remedial benefits of Carrot

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  BENEFITS- Weight loss Gastritis , hyper acidity Reduces bad cholesterol (LDL), and raises good chloesterol(HDL). Cough and cold Effective in constipation dysentery and diarrhea RECIPE FOR MAKING CINNAMON HERBAL TEA- INGREDIENTS REQUIRED: 2 Cup water cinnamon(DALCHINI) spice stick approx. 3 inch long coriander seeds (DHANIYA)- half teaspoon 3 Cardamom(small) (ELAICHI) Raisins paste (KISMISH)- 1… Continue reading 6 GREAT BENEFITS OF CINNAMON HERBAL TEA

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SCIENTIFIC NAME-Curcuma longa   INDIAN NAME- Haldi PARTS USED- Rhizome Turmeric is a great ancient herb used in kitchen as well as for medicinal purposes. In india there is a wedding tradition called " HALDI RASAM" which is performed before marriage. In this rasam turmeric and other ingredients paste  is applied on whole body of  groom(dulha)… Continue reading THE TURMERIC – A MULTIBENEFICIAL SPICE

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Skin is the largest organ and first visible part of our body. In winter season we faces many skin problems such as :- Dry skin Skin rashes Itching In winter season the level of humidity become low and the air becomes dry. Due to this water in our skin evaporates more quickly , resulting in… Continue reading 3 MAIN SKIN PROBLEMS IN WINTER SEASON

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  ALOEVERA Scientific name: Aloe vera linn Indian Name: Gwarpatha Parts Used: Gel(pulp), powder . Aloevera is a plant having short stem.It  grows wild in tropical cimates , growing upto 25-40 inches.It  has fleshy leaves.It requires less water for its growth. BENEFITS OF ALOEVERA-  A great herb which has the most healing properties. Strengthens tissues… Continue reading ALOEVERA- THE IMMENSELY USABLE HERB