Infant feeding tube

It is a thin nasogastric tube used for paediatric patient. It is soft ,made of polythene and length according to size. Eg. 4-12 F Uses Same as for the RT in pediatric patient.For sinogram to inject dye into sinusses and also in fistulogram when external opening is small


History of modern surgery

The word surgery derives from the french term "chirurgein" , which came from the Latin and in turn from Greek words "Cheir" meaning hand and "Ergon" meaning work , hence surgery means "Hand-Work". Modern surgery is originated from Greece.Invention of Anesthesia by Robert Lister and Sequire in 1846 made the major Surgeries easy & painless.Invention… Continue reading History of modern surgery

Disease and treatment

Kidney stone :- Cause, symptoms and treatment

Etiology Infection- Infection results in production of urea, leading to stasis of urine.Bacteria e.coli, pseudomonas , Klensielleae are mostly responsible for reccurent urinary infection.Hot climate:- In hot climate , due to excessive sweating, there is increased concentration of solvent and decreased fluid level of kidney, precipitating the stone.Dietary Factor:- diet rich in calcium as milk… Continue reading Kidney stone :- Cause, symptoms and treatment

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Fracture- causes and treatment (Modern and Ayurvedic)

The word fracture means breaking (discontinuity) of a bone. If bone is fractured,it is known as "asthibhagna" in hindi while dislocation of a bone is known as 'sandhimoksha'.These two terms are seperate from each other but have causes, symptoms and treatment. An injury to musculo-skeletal sysem can result in damage to bones , joints, muscles… Continue reading Fracture- causes and treatment (Modern and Ayurvedic)


Shiv khori-a holly shrine

SHIV KHORI is a famous holly shrines of hinuds.It is located in sangar village, Reasi district of jammu and kashmir. This holly cave is situated at a distance of 70 kms from katra.the cave is nearly a kilometer long and in height its quite broad at the beginning and gets narrow while you move inside… Continue reading Shiv khori-a holly shrine

ayush kwath · covid 19

Enhancing immunity with AYUSH KWATH against covid-19.

Ministry of AYUSH India has launched an effective herbal formula for boosting immune system against covid-19 virus. The name of this formula is 'AYUSH kwath'. Kwath is a method of taking ayurvedic medicine just like herbal tea.

Echinacea · HERBAL

Echinacea- the immune herb

Scientific name- Echinacea angustifolia Parts used- Roots and rhizomes Echinacea herb is a north american origin. It is a very beneficial herb.Some of its benefits are: 1. It improves immune system 2. Improves the tissue function. 3. Helps in blood purification hence useful in psoriasis , eczema and boils. 4. It is used for rheumatic… Continue reading Echinacea- the immune herb

Ginger · HERBAL

8 health benefits of ginger

Scientific name-┬áZingiber officials Parts used-Dried rhizomes and root. Ginger is a great herb.It is very widely used all over the world. It's uses: 1. Ginger is widely used when a warming agent is required. 2.It is very beneficial for gastrointestinal system due to Its calming effect. 3.It is a good expectorant 4. Ideal herb for… Continue reading 8 health benefits of ginger