History of modern surgery

The word surgery derives from the french term “chirurgein” , which came from the Latin and in turn from Greek words “Cheir” meaning hand and “Ergon” meaning work , hence surgery means “Hand-Work”.

  • Modern surgery is originated from Greece.
  • Invention of Anesthesia by Robert Lister and Sequire in 1846 made the major Surgeries easy & painless.
  • Invention of X-Rays , Para radiological imaging techniques are a boon to modern surgery because of which the diagnosis & location of lesion (tissue of origin) have become easy.
  • Surgery has become further easier after the invention of penicillin in 1982 by Alexander Flemming & other antibiotics later.
  • The present modern surgery has started its expansion after the invention of asepsis & antisepsis by Lister Joseph.
  • Laproscopic & endoscopic surgery simplified the surgical procedure with less post-operative complication.
  • Intra-uterine blood transfusion have solved the foetus problem.
  • Radiotherapy, chemotherapy are important in the management of cancer.
  • In the 20th century Kidney transplantation was successfully done.
  • In 1823, the first skin grafting was done by “Bonger”.
  • “Gilliese” an ENT surgeon has done extensive work on reconstruction of Nose & ear etc. So gilliese is known as “father of modern surgery”.
  • Lagenbunch in 1882 done first Laproscopic Cholecystectomy.
  • 1st successfull man to man blood transfusion in 1818 by “J Bundell”.
  • Adrenaline introduced in 1903 as a local analgesia by “Barun”
  • Intravenous anesthesia (Opium)was started from 1665 by “Jahann Sigmund”.
  • Spinal anesthesia by “Corning” in 1885.
  • Epidural anesthesia in 1949 by ‘Curbello”.


Ultimately observing the progress of Engineering , electronics , Nuclear , Chemistry, Physics , Radiology science have contributed for the progress of modern surgery.

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