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Enhancing immunity with AYUSH KWATH against covid-19.


ayush kwath


Ministry of AYUSH India has launched an effective herbal formula for boosting immune system against covid-19 virus. The name of this formula is ‘AYUSH kwath’. Kwath is a method of taking ayurvedic medicine just like herbal tea.

The herbs and spices used in this formulation are:

1) Tulsi (ocimum tenuiflorum)-Tulsi is a great herbs and have an important place in Indian Ayurveda and Indian traditional culture. Also called as Holy basil.

  • It is  considered as a sacred plant. 
  • Widely used in flu , common cold , fever, sore throat , bronchitis , asthma etc.
  • Also used in tea due to anti bacterial , anti- viral,  analgesic and anti inflammatory properties.

 2) Dalchini (cinnamon)– It is a warming herb

  • Mollifies the hyperactivity of intestine.
  • Increases the number of white blood cells (  swetkan vardhak , mentioned in Bhavprakash nighantu ayurveda book). Hence increases immunity.
  • Reduces the risk of cancer
  • Also beneficial in tooth ache.

3)  Saunth (dry Ginger)- Helps in indigestion.

  • Beneficial in sore throat , asthmatic problems,  respiratory infections , nausea , vomiting , morning sickness etc.
  • Improves peripheral circulation.
  • Boosts immune system.

4) Kali mirch (black pepper)- Helps in detoxification of body

  • Improves digestive system . 
  • Useful in cough and cold when taken with honey.


Why do AYUSH choose these four herbs?

There are  reasons behind the selection of these 4 herbs. In my opinion  ” we should always keep in mind one thing that nature does not reproduce the weak . In other words you can say that stronger always survive  . All types of viruses attacks on weaker cells. Our immune system depends on digestive system and lymphatic system. Immune system and lymphatic system work together. Our digestive system can become weak when we eat excessive amount of dairy product and very high protein diet. Weak digestive system also weakens the lymphatic system. Our lymphatic system consist of the bone marrow lymph nodes ,  lymph fluid ,lymph vessels , spleen and thymus gland. Lymphocytes  which are formed in bone marrow play a major role for our immunity. This ayurvedic formulation is very effective for our better digestion. According to researchers covid-19 virus attacks on our respiratory system which results in severe pneumonia . All herbs that are used in this formula are very helpful to cleans the mucus from lungs and sinus area.”

This medicine is available in medical stores in India in form of powder and tablets.

You can also make it at home.

Ingredients required:

  • 4-5  Tulsi leaves
  • 500 mg dalchini powder
  • 600 mg saunth powder (dry ginger powder)
  • 350 mg kali mirch powder (black pepper)

How to prepare Kwath(tea)

Take two cup of water in a pot and add above ingredients in it. Heat it on a low flame without putting the lid on pot. Now when its quantity reduces to 1 cup filter it and cool it down at room temperature. You can add honey too for better taste and better results.

For more details you can visit https://www.ayush.gov.in/


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