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Corona se daro-na

Hello readers , as you all know the whole world is extremely struggling with this deadly disease came recently in the end of year 2019 , which basically believed to be started from china and after that started spreading all over the world and had hit many countries including our India. This disease has been already declared pandemic all over the world because of its dangerous and life threatening behaviour.
CORONAVIRUS basically is a bacterial infection which spreads from one infected person to another through various means. lets not get too deep about its terminology , i am here today writing this post just to share some valuable and beneficial home remedies to protect oneself from this pandemic disease.
firstly the thing is that till now no such antidote or say medicine is invented to stop this deadly coronavirus , now the question arises that if there is no such medicine than what will I tell you in this matter. I basically as health worker suggest you some home-made remedies which you should follow to make your immune system enough strong to take a fight with bacterial infection or one can say that bacteria of coronavirus because any foreign bacteria that enters our body is an enemy to our body and body starts to fight with it , if one’s immune system is strong then ony the body can fight and win over these foreign bacteria. this is simple to understand that if you win – you are healthy and safe but if your body looses the fight then my friend you are infected and this is the same with the coronavirus also.
Below are some major precaution points we a need to keep in mind and follow those :-
1.Social distancing :- It is very necessary to isolate yourself from the society to reduce the maximum risk of being getting hit by coronavirus.


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2. Personal hygiene :- As we all within a minute or two every one of us touches his/her face many times , it’s very wrong in this situation right now my friend , virus can enter your body because of your such type of action.


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NOW if you disobey social distancing and go out and have a handshake with a corona carrier , then you will get that bacteria on your hand and after that we you touches your face area , the bacteria enters your body and thus causing a serious illness to you which can be life threatening.
If you have to go outside due to some medical emergency or to take ration, lets take a these under essential services , you should wear a proper mask capable to protect you from coronavirus bacteria entry. if you can’t afford a mask then you should be covering your face with a cloth/scarf etc.


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PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE (and where there less chances of getting cured you should strictly follow prevention thing)
1. Drink hot water and tea 2-3 times during the day which is beneficial to keep your tract warm.
2. Half teaspoon or turmeric in one glass of hot milk and boil at very low flame for 2 mins. , you can add ginger if you have any gastric or indigestion problem .
Add sugar as per your taste. (sugar patients avoid).
3. One teaspoon full of honey twice a day. according to ayurveda avoid sour items like curd ,ghee, pickle etc. while consuming honey.
4. Do pranayam and yoga.
5. Now there comes an Ayurvedic medicine which is an immuno booster named by GILOYGHAN VATI , you can purchase it from any of Baba ramdev stores or any of ayurvedic medical stores.
A company name JAMNA phamaceuticals has come up with very good results in giloyghan vati .
LOCKDOWN ! LOCDOWN! LOCKDOWN! best option to win over this disease.

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