fennel seeds · healthy summer drink

Benefits that you must know about fennel (shaunf)seeds and its healthy summer drink


Fennel Seeds have been used effectively over the time as a mouth freshener, flavouring agent in various toothpaste etc. It has many medicinal benefits also like it is useful in removing excessive stomach gas, for treating overactive intestinal motility, helps in curing spasmodic pain , colitis, bowel regulation, indigestion, nausea and vomiting.

Fennel seeds increases milk production in human females.So mother of a new-born baby should consume products rich in fennel. It prevents infant colitis.

In india, most commonly fennel seeds are used as a mouth freshener. People chew a mixture of fennel seeds and sugar (for taste) after having a meal to get rid of the foul smell of mouth and for better digestion as well.Coated fennel seeds are also served in many restaurants and dhabas.

The fennel seeds are very beneficial and have a devastating effect in curing many diseases if taken in a systematic and proper manner, I will tell you about good method in this article which you can easily prepare at home and trust me it will be very beneficial to you.

Nowadays as we see many people are suffering from a disease called constipation and people are taking long medical courses and heavy doses which effect their wallet only not the disease. So today in this article I will tell you a simple, cheap and effective method which will surely help you in curing constipation.

Ingredients (per 100 gm.) :-

  1. Fennel seeds (20 gm.)
  2. Isabgol husk (60 gm.)
  3. Dry ginger powder (10 gm.)
  4. liquorice root powder (10 gm.)

Take these four ingredients and mix them well.

Doses :- One teaspoon of mixture with lukewarm water/milk before half an hour from dinner. You can add little sugar as per taste.

Another is , we can call it a Healthy summer drink. It is helpful in improving vision(eyesight), hyperthermia (excessive body heat/ heat stroke), prevents osteoporosis, headache and burning urination treatment.

Ingredients : (for 1 person)

  1. two glass pots
  2. fennel seeds (one teaspoon )
  3. ten almonds
  4. Inner part of melon seeds , half teaspoon (magaj kharbuja )
  5. one teaspoon of rock sugar (mishri).
  6. 100 ml milk

Take first pot and fill 100 ml water in it and Leave the fennel seeds and rock sugar to soak overnight in this water. In second pot take 100 ml water in it. Leave the almonds and melon seeds to soak overnight. In the morning time , filter the first pot water in a separate pot. Now take out the almonds and melon  seeds from the pot and grind them and add this paste to the first pot water which was filtered , also add 100 ml milk in it . Your healthy summer drink is ready.


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